When wedding bells chime, I guess its time…

June 30, 2010 at 12:10 am (Just wondering...)

I have come to realize that now that I am approaching my mid-20s that my friends are slowly starting to get married off, one by one. This summer has been the busiest for me in that respect. Wedding bells seem to be echoing in the ears of all of my friends and, almost as if it were infectious, suddenly it is as though it is a competition to see who can run up the aisle the quickest. With that said, I guess my point is that up until now, the baby issue has not gone any further than the occasional chats with my girlfriends about the future (“Oh yeah sure I want kids…someday”) – a future that once seemed so distant. I guess it is time to pull my head out of the sand because I have to realize the possibility that pregnancies may also be something I am going to be faced with. I guess I am not sure if I feel sad or if I wonder at the rush…? What of the debt, school and the desire to travel and experience life?  Is this something we are all supposed to want right away? Just something that I have been thinking over quite a bit.

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  1. Miss-Smiley said,

    I feel the same, 2 of my friends got married this summer and are the same. It seems like after graduating that is the next natural step to take innit? 😛

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