Is “baby craving” contagious?

July 12, 2010 at 11:35 pm (Just wondering...)

I was recently shopping with friends with the objective of helping a friend of mine find a gift for his newborn nephew. Of course we had to wade through a sea of baby paraphernalia before we found something that was just right.  I was excited at this opportunity to help him pick out cute stuffed animals and soft blankets so I went to town, running around picking things up for his approval. But as I stood alone in front of a crib, I experienced a moment of sadness. This crib was beautifully lined with soft pastel blankets complete with a mobile hanging overhead that chimed “Its a Small World After All.” As I stood there, an image of myself looking down into a sleeping baby’s face popped into my head. I mentally fought with this image, struggling to put it out of my mind as I felt my throat close and my eyes well up. As I came to, I looked down again and saw the crib was empty. It was strange how such a joyous occasion for a friend, suddenly became sad for myself, knowing what I know. I breathed, regaining composure before walking away from that crib to rejoin my friends.

Later (on the same occasion), I was in the same store this time talking to a girlfriend of mine as we sifted through various sleepers and baby outfits. We marvelled at how small some of them were and then she quietly confessed how she had been collecting little hats, shoes and baby outfits for years. I was stunned! She is a single career oriented girl and, as far as I know, miles away from any prospects of having children. I had no idea! Then it got me thinking that maybe we just all have our moments where we long for motherhood. It is natural that we experience maternal feelings towards children. While I was surprised at what she said, I was also somewhat comforted by it. I think this sort of told me that while her desires were a little premature, I was not alone in having these maternal thoughts cross my mind from time to time. It also affirmed for me the fact that these thoughts were not totally originating from my MRKH and that other women were also able to relate to these feelings.

In sharing this story my hope is that it will bring enlightenment to you as this moment did for me.

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