Let her make her choice – MRKH: intersex or not? You decide.

August 21, 2010 at 1:57 pm (General information about MRKH., Housekeeping: General blog info, Just wondering...)

I have no wish to get political but it was recently brought to my attention that some of the articles/links that I have been sharing with you may suggest that MRKH is an intersex condition. In reviewing the literature, sometimes MRKH may be mentioned as part of a document on intersex conditions but it itself is not considered an intersex condition. MRKH is classified more as a syndrome of congenital anomalies (structural abnormalities occuring during fetal development). My job here is to present the literature, educate you and allow you to decide what you identify yourselves as. We are all 100% women, always remember that!

This being said, I do not want to discriminate against those who choose to identify themselves as intersex. It is all a matter of choice. Some MRKH women who identify as intersex are met with considerable resistance by the rest of the MRKH community. I think we should all respect the choices and opinions of others. The controversy can cause younger MRKH women some confusion and it is not up to anyone to decide what she identifies with. Without fear, we should be providing all the options without the baggage of our own personal beliefs. So please respect our sisters and accept her regardless! There is enough prejudice without harbouring it in our own community.

Thank you ladies!


  1. HeyThere said,

    I don’t think MRKH is ain intersex condition. Intersex means between the 2 sexes, so basically intersex conditions are all the conditions in which a human being (or an animal) is born with a mixture of both sexes organs, or people who have male chromosomes but have esternal genitalia and vice versa. MRKH have normal xx chromosomes, they don”t have testicular tissues, nor ambiguous genitals, they only lack uterus and vagina. They are not really intersex then.

    • Emily said,

      That’s not what intersex means. Intersex is defined as differences in sexual characteristics.

  2. human said,

    I have MRKH condition and since childhood, I have never identified myself as a female. Since young, I have always felt like a boy and have always been attracted to female. Human being is much more complex than the superficial external physical appearances, and there are tons of things that the medical world have yet to discover regarding human gender, genes and what is going on inside our complex brains. Why are people so afraid by the fact that not everyone is 100% the same and “male” or “female” are just some labels or words in dictionary invented by us to conveniently place people into boxes. We are who we are and labels are just labels —
    no matter how much the society tries to push it or how much people care so much about it, “male” and “female” are no more than labels. It really saddens me to think that some people (especially those who were born differently and should have known better) are so offended or disgusted by the word intersex while there are millions of good kind-hearted people who are simply and naturally born intersex.

    FACT: Being born intersex is as natural and valid a human being as being born “completely” male or female (whatever “completely” means to each of you, or how exactly “complete” is actually 100% “complete,” physically and psychologically).

    I am a scientist, so here is some scientific perspective: As a scientist, we try to create models of our world all the time. If one looks at billions of real people in this world as the actual data, “male” or “female” are the binary model developed in an attempt to help us describe the data. The fact is that the real data are continuous (extremely masculine to extremely feminine personalities, extremely masculine/100% textbook male to extremely feminine/100% textbook female bodies, being attracted to a super feminine person to being attracted to a super masculine person). While the data are actually continuous, the model people use is discrete binary — see the flaw in the model there? What is more important, the real data/real people or the man-made, intangible model?

  3. Vic said,

    I am born with MRKH condition and I also strongly identify with intersex because for my whole life, as far as I remember, I never fit in to either the male or female gender roles and definitions the society forces on me. As a human being, the story of my experiences is complex, so I won’t expect anyone who has different life experiences from me to understand. I guess each of us has our own very unique experiences. So, I agree that we should not speak for other people and I wish everyone would just be respectful of the others’ feeling and personal experiences.

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